Thermal covers

Thermal covers

TIDL is Ireland's premier manufacturer & supplier of removable insulation covers for numerous applications. We have a proven track record of providing a cost effective, professional solution to industry to solve the many problems associated with plant & equipment operating at high temperatures.

Manufactured in Ireland, the benefits of Thermal Covers removable insulation products include:

  • Energy Saving: Reduction in heat loss resulting in reduced energy costs
  • Outdoor Use: Can be used outdoors and be specifically made for harsh environments, such is areas of high salt water
  • Personnel Protection: Reduces risk of burns from hot surfaces
  • Removable: Flexible insulation covers are designed for easy removal and can be re-used resulting in considerable cost reduction
  • Materials: Manufactured from high quality materials specially selected for individual / specific applications
  • Freeze Protection: Can be supplied with heat trace if required
  • Fire Protection: Reduce the risk of fire damage by use of special designs and fire resistant materials
  • Noise Protection: Reduction in noise levels when used as pump covers, exhausts, etc.
  • Easy to Fit: Lightweight and most covers can be fitted by one person

TIDL Thermal covers - Ramco

The RAMCO TFE SPRA-GARD Safety Shield is fabricated for use on flanges, valves, threaded connections, welded connections, pumps, flow meters or special applications. It is designed to prevent injury to personnel or damage to adjoining equipment in the event of a spray out or leak at a joint or connection.

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TIDL effect thermal covers

TIDL insulation Covers - Made in Ireland

TIDL insulation covers are the leading brand of purpose designed reusable covers offering excellent insulation benefits for a wide variety of equipment including valves, flanges, calorifiers, strainers, separators, actuators, heat exchangers, pumps, etc. This hugely popular and effective product has been independently tested and certified to the stringent Class ‘O’ Building Regulation British Standard, conforming to BS 476 Part 6 (fire propagation) and Part 7 (Class 1 rating awarded for surface spread of flame).

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